ENGAGE is a leading designer/manufacturer of Pump Packages and Water Treatment Systems for the Building Trades & Commercial Markets throughout the Caribbean Region. These systems can include our standard product offering for the majority of applications including Potable Water Booster/Transfer, Fire Suppression, and/or Sewage Transfer, or custom designed for customers specific needs. Our systems are specified by most consulting engineers in the Caribbean.

Our unitized design which includes all equipment, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, etc. allows you the customer the benefits of a Sole Source Responsibility for Quality, Reliability, Service. For this reason, we have supplied thousands of systems over the last forty (40) years and still maintain many of the original systems.

Wastewater Systems

ENGAGE is the leading supplier and installer of Packaged Sewage Treatment Systems for all commercial projects throughout the Caribbean Region. These systems range from small aerobic treatment systems rated five hundred gallons per day (500GPD) for single dwelling home, to larger commercial systems rated one million gallons per day (1MGD)

The systems presently offered are Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU’s), Sequencing Batch Reactors, (SBR’s), Extended Aeration, and Advanced Wastewater Systems though Submerged Membrane Bioreactors (MBR’s) or Purestream’s proprietary Biologically Engineered Single Sludge Treatment (BESST). Whatever the project, ENGAGE’s wastewater department can certainly handle your needs in the most professional manner.


Through ENGAGE previous industry experience, especially in Rotating Equipment, Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems, Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls, we entered the Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industry approx. ten (10) years ago with our existing suppliers with great success. We have since acquired many complimentary product lines as we continue to grow this market and are again now beginning to be considered a leading company in this market.

Reliability Engineering & Predictive Maintenance

Our Managing Director, Mrs. Koscina Sookram-Quintal and our Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Roger Merry, Mechanical Engineer, have a very keen personal interest in the further regional development of the Reliability Engineering and Predictive Maintenance Field and have recently invested substantial time and resources into equipment and training for a special development team within ENGAGE for this market.

ENGAGE is also working closely with some key suppliers such as TRICO, FIXTURLASER, & SPM INSTRUMENT, as our intention is to provide a range of Equipment, Services, Training, and Support. We have also conducted seminars to industry through the well renowned …

Turnkey Projects (EPC Contracts)

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Type contracts mainly in the Municipal and Building Trades Markets presently account for a pprox. 25% of our annual income. These typically include, but are not limited to, Complete Booster Pump Stations including:

Engineering Designs & Drawings for All Works - Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Civil. Equipment Procurement and Supply including: Mechanical; Vertical Turbine Pumpsets, Valves, & Pipework, etc. Electrical; Mains Power, Motor Control Center with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Cables, etc. Instrumentation & Controls; Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with Human Machine Interface (HMI), Transmitters, Gauges, Flowmeters, etc. Construction Services; Fabrication, Assembly, NDT testing, Start-up, Commissioning. Our contract scope typically includes civil works which we sub-contract fully to others). After Sales Services & Spare Parts; We offer full support/service on everything that we sell.

Spare Parts

ENGAGE offers full support/service on everything that we sell. We stock a large inventory of production and non-production parts to support our forty (40) years of industry leading equipment supply. Wherever, possible we also try to standardize on equipment selections to reduce customer stock-outs.

In some instances we have also been able to partner with customers sharing parts for immediate emergency, the kind of flexibility one may not get from purchasing from one-off suppliers, supply houses, and new suppliers, etc.