16 December, 2020

In November 2020 ENGAGE embarked on a Christmas Door Decorating Challenge. Staff decorated the office doors in an assortment of Christmas themes including Santa Clause, Christmas Card, Elves and Christmas Tree to name a few.

It must be said, ENGAGE staff really took this challenge to heart and used the opportunity to not only show off their creative talent, but also demonstrated team building and by extension brought ENGAGE Family Spirit to life.

At the end of it, what was left was an array of colours, ideas, craftsmanship and more all wrapped up in the Christmas Spirit as the office was transformed to reflect the Yuletide Season. Below are the completed Door Decorations. As for the Challenge Winners, we CONGRATULATE the Accounts Department Overall - CHRISTMAS CANDLES and Engineering Department - Most Creative - CHRISTMAS ELVES

Enjoy viewing our decorations and may it fill you with the Christmas Spirit as it did us ... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BRIGHT AND PROPEROUS 2021.