Standard Packages

ENGAGE engineers standard booster pump packages for use in potable water and fire water systems. All of the mechanical and electrical works are completed by the technicians in the service department who are also responsible for the installation, commissioning and start-up of the pump packages.

Service Contracts

ENGAGE is able to provide service contracts for pieces of equipment sold to customers by trained service technicians. Service contracts are often used as a preventative measure in the maintenance of equipment.

Turnkey Packages

ENGAGE is involved in the construction boom that is currently happening in Trinidad and the greater Caribbean region. We are consistently working on many development projects for both commercial, private and public buildings, schools etc and many other large projects are being provided by ENGAGE. These systems include fire water systems, waste water treatment systems, hot water systems and potable water system.


The company has built a formidable reputation for After Sales Service within the region.

Since our original inception forty (40) years ago, our sales has been fully complimented and supported by our service department which comprises twenty (20) personnel, including Engineers, Mechanical Technicians, Electrical Technicians, and Supporting Staff. We continue to expand our capabilities and scope beyond the regular industry requirements for our sales team.